David H. Dunsmuir, Licensed Professional Corporation - serving the legal needs of the Fredericton Ormocto area of NB. New Brunswick's finest legal cousel for Family law, Real Estate dealings, Civil Litigation and a wide variety of other areas. Check out our web page about Value-Based billing! Click here to contact David H. Dunsmuir, serving Fredericton New Brunswick's legal needs, and providing advice and counsel in Business Law, Civil Litigation, Elder Law, Family Law, Immigration, Real Estate, Wills and Estates.
David Dunsmuir has been practicing law since 1992, and specializes in business law, elder law, civil litigation, family law, immigration, wills and estates, power of attorney, personal injury law, and real estate law. David H Dunsmuir, Fredericton's leading barrister and solciitor, attorney at law. Value-based billing allows us to provide you with an easy, affordable and calculable way to take care of your legal needs. It enables you to have the best lawey available in the Fredericton area, and know in advance what you can expect to pay for standard legal services. If you are in fredericton new brunswick and engaged in any kind of civil litigation, David H. Dunsmuir should be your first choice in NB attorneys, barristers or solicitors.
Visit David H Dunsmuir Licenced Professional Corporation, serving Fredericton NB in the areas of Civil Litigation, Family Law, Real Estate Law and Immigration Law
David H. Dunsmuir provides expert advice in the area of Business Law, as well as expert advice in Family Law and Civil Litigation
For Civil Litigation Law, David H. Dunsmuir, Licenced Professional Corporation, is the best available resource for you!
Elder Law is a complex and delicate field. Why trust yourself to anyone else? David H. Dunsmuir is Fredericton's expert in all areas of Elder Law.
David H. Dunsmuir is Fredericton New Brunswick's best resource for Family Law, whether you're dealing with divorce, custody, adoption or any other subject related to Family Law.
Are you trying to immigrate to Canada? If you're immigrating to Canada, David H. Dunsmuir provides excellent immigration advice and legal services.
If you're buying or selling your home, business or other real estate, David H. Dunsmuir is an expert in all legal aspects affecting realty. When it comes to Real Estate law in Fredericton NB, David H. Dunsmuir Licensed Professional Corporation is who you need to consult.
There is no more delicate a time than when a loved one passes. For all your needs regarding wills, probate and estate law, David H. Dunsmuir is the legal advisor for you. Whether you're drafting your own will, or require help executing or understanding the will of a friend or family member, David will provide exceptional legal advice in the areas of Wills and Probate Law and Estate Law.

Dunsmuir Law

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At Dunsmuir Law, we have practiced law for over seventeen years. Experience and sound judgment, in combination with legal knowledge, are essential to the obtaining of practical, meaningful, and beneficial results. At Dunsmuir Law, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our advice and legal representation is aimed at achieving practical, meaningful, and effective results for you.



At Dunsmuir Law you have our commitment to tell you in advance in writing what our services will realistically cost, and do the work for what we say it will cost. In particular, we deliver family law services on a value-based, fixed-fee, basis that does not use a lawyer’s hourly rate for their time as the basis for calculating the fees to be charged. We provide a free initial consultation for all legal matters and will listen, evaluate, explain, and advise, BEFORE you have any obligation to us. As a result of our consultation, if you decide to retain us to provide legal services to you, then and only then, do you incur any obligation, which is always based on the terms of our written agreement with you. Guaranteed.



At Dunsmuir Law, we recognize the importance of timeliness, whether it is in a communication, correspondence, preparation of a document, filings, or our advice. You have our commitment to do what we say we will do when we say we will do it. This is a hallmark of professionalism, and our promise to you.



At Dunsmuir Law, we pride ourselves on using our knowledge and experience to provide meaningful, but cost-effective legal services, for our client's needs including effective solutions to their legal problems. We recognize that the cost of legal services should be based on such factors as the importance of the matter in question, the degree of complexity in obtaining a remedy or solution, the results actually achieved, and the value to you of such result, not just the amount of time spent working on a matter. At Dunsmuir Law, our promise to you is that our accounts will always: reflect only the work that needed to be done for you in your legal matter, be reasonable, proportionate, and above all, fair.



Born in Saint John, New Brunswick, and educated at the University of New Brunswick and the University of British Columbia, David H. Dunsmuir has been a member of the Law Society of New Brunswick since 1993, and past member of the Law Society of British Columbia from 1992 until 2004, with a broad, diverse, and in-depth practice experience as both a Barrister and Solicitor, enhanced by administrative and adjudicative experience as a former Clerk, Court Administrator, and Deputy Registrar, of the Court of the Queen’s Bench and Probate Court of New Brunswick.


Solicitor’s practice experience has included:

  • Corporate-commercial law handling all aspects of commercial real estate purchases and sale, asset and share purchases, Provincial and Federal incorporations and corporate reorganizations, including mergers and amalgamations, corporate reinstatement, financing, intellectual property such as trade marking and copyright protection, and collections;

  • residential real estate purchases and sales, including subdivision and amalgamation, mortgaging, and re-financing;

  • All aspects of Wills and Estates practice, including obtaining of the grant of probate and administration, contested estate matters involving claims of undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity in the preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney, claims by disenfranchised beneficiaries under dependant relief legislation, and the passing of accounts;

  • Seventeen years of experience in all aspects of Family Law such as preparation of pre-nuptial and co-habitation agreements, separation agreements, and private adoptions, as well as resolution of Family Law issues such as separation and divorce, custody and access to children, child and spousal support, division of assets and apportionment of debts, following from breakdown of relationships, and constructive and resulting trust claims seeking a division of assets between unmarried persons; and

  • Elder Law, including powers of attorney for property and health care, and infirmed person’s applications.


Civil litigation experience for both plaintiff and defendant has included cases involving issues such as:

  • Business law disputes, including breaches of shareholder’s agreements;

  • Issues arising from commercial leases;

  • personal injury;

  • refusals by insurance companies to pay claims arising from policies of insurance;

  • products liability claims, including defective and dangerous products, and economic loss arising from such;

  • wrongful death arising from aircraft accident;

  • damage claims for assault including medical battery;

  • contractor’s liability cases;

  • mortgage foreclosures;

  • breaches of policies of insurance;


In addition to being a guest lecturer for the Canadian Bar Association, Mr. Dunsmuir is organizing a number of upcoming public lectures on topics of family law, wills and estates, creditor’s remedies, and small claims practice. For information on the dates times and locations of these upcoming programs, contact us.


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