David H. Dunsmuir, Licensed Professional Corporation - serving the legal needs of the Fredericton Ormocto area of NB. New Brunswick's finest legal cousel for Family law, Real Estate dealings, Civil Litigation and a wide variety of other areas. Check out our web page about Value-Based billing! Click here to contact David H. Dunsmuir, serving Fredericton New Brunswick's legal needs, and providing advice and counsel in Business Law, Civil Litigation, Elder Law, Family Law, Immigration, Real Estate, Wills and Estates.
David Dunsmuir has been practicing law since 1992, and specializes in business law, elder law, civil litigation, family law, immigration, wills and estates, power of attorney, personal injury law, and real estate law. David H Dunsmuir, Fredericton's leading barrister and solciitor, attorney at law. Value-based billing allows us to provide you with an easy, affordable and calculable way to take care of your legal needs. It enables you to have the best lawey available in the Fredericton area, and know in advance what you can expect to pay for standard legal services. If you are in fredericton new brunswick and engaged in any kind of civil litigation, David H. Dunsmuir should be your first choice in NB attorneys, barristers or solicitors.
Visit David H Dunsmuir Licenced Professional Corporation, serving Fredericton NB in the areas of Civil Litigation, Family Law, Real Estate Law and Immigration Law
David H. Dunsmuir provides expert advice in the area of Business Law, as well as expert advice in Family Law and Civil Litigation
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Elder Law is a complex and delicate field. Why trust yourself to anyone else? David H. Dunsmuir is Fredericton's expert in all areas of Elder Law.
David H. Dunsmuir is Fredericton New Brunswick's best resource for Family Law, whether you're dealing with divorce, custody, adoption or any other subject related to Family Law.
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There is no more delicate a time than when a loved one passes. For all your needs regarding wills, probate and estate law, David H. Dunsmuir is the legal advisor for you. Whether you're drafting your own will, or require help executing or understanding the will of a friend or family member, David will provide exceptional legal advice in the areas of Wills and Probate Law and Estate Law.

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